Fun Flavors
Try our bakers dozen of Yummy fun flavors that tickle your tummy with tastes you’ll savor.

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Grab & Go Granola
Learn cool new ways Rani’s Yummy can fuel your day.

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Serving Suggestions
Here’s a handy handful of quick ideas with which to use your Yummy that makes it more than just a neat-to-eat treat.
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Where to Buy
Find our Yummy Flavors in a store near you.

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Welcome to Rani’s Granola
If ingenuity is the mother of invention, Rani’s Yummy Granola became a reality by being born by a broke single mom who needed to feed her finicky young son nutritious and delicious fun foods.

Motivated by a desire to feed even the choosiest families, Rani selected the finest ingredients that are healthy, wholesome, tremendously tasty, and easy-to-eat either at-home or on-the-go.

Made to satisfy a health-conscious single mom, Rani created thirteen fun flavors that help fill almost any hungry tummy with a nutritionally-sound granola that goes by the name of Yummy.

If you’re having a hectic day, Rani’s Granola is the quick way to keep your hunger at bay.

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